A Letter from the ONE.org

Dear ONE Member,
  Last Sunday was an enormous victory for the ONE community and the fight against global poverty. At 689 House Parties in all 50 states, over 6,000 ONE members gathered around speakerphones to call candidates and elected officials.
  Our question to them was simple: What have you done to fight global poverty, and what do you plan to do? And our message to them was clear: Americans care.
  This Monday we’ll premiere a bold new television spot that takes our message one step further: our commitment to extreme poverty rises above party lines, and we will vote. (See below for details.) Your calls and this ad are a powerful one-two punch that will help mark 2006 as an historic year in the fight against global poverty.
  Please take a moment to view some photos from Sunday’s House Parties and other events from our friends around the globe that made this week one for the record books.
  ONE members gave Sunday’s House Parties the highest rating in our history. Here’s how Elizabeth, a retired educator, ONE member, and volunteer House Party host described the phone call at her event:
  “Talking to my Senator and hearing his enthusiasm (as he already knew a lot about the ONE Organization) made the party a great success. My friends felt like they were actually affecting policy and procedure on the global-level for a change.”
  Take a minute to appreciate your accomplishments this week, and the phenomenal work of our many friends around the globe. But also remember, this historic week is just the beginning of our great campaign to end extreme poverty, and the best is yet to come.
  View this Week in Photos
  Thank you,
                                 Josh Peck, ONE.org