My Tips on Learning English

  I am now a college student in a university.I got this position only three months ago when I pass the College Entrance Examination of 2006.Reading my words you may discover that my English is not very good,but I got 142 marks of 150 as total. Why?  When I first took part in this exam in 2004,I only got 112,you should know that 30 marks can change a student’s fate graetly in College Entrance Examination of China. If you are a High3 , I suggest you read words below.    About goal   the College Entrance Examination is the most important thing to you now,so never care about whether your method of learning English will benefit your future learing or not.    About time   I really know that you don’t even have enough time to sleep, to learn maths,phisics,chemisty,you are hard to find time to learn English which is widely regard as a hard-to-improved subject but you really must find tiny time to learn it. On bus, on foot, in WC, in dining room, in dorm, in a word, you can find time to read English if you want.
  About methods   The College Entrance Examination thinks you should have abilities of listening, reading and writing, so do as little speaking as you can. Do not waste your precious time.
     Listening   Tapes your teacher play is the most important material to you. If there is light, don’t listen, just read and write. When in dark, like in dorm after 23:00(you must get to sleep before 00:30), you had better listen to whatever you are interested in( BrE and AmE are both OK).I suggest the VOA Special English(you need a shortwave radio not a FM/AM one).Except when you will fight for you future 4 or 5 months later, don’t listen to records used in a simulated examination. I know you hate them. You should know that it is hard for everyone to improve his or her ability in listening, so don’t pay too much attention on it.
     Reading   THE MOST IMPORTANT ability. You must be better than other competitors. A mistake choice will get you 2 marks lower than others. And what is more, reading ability can be improved greatly in a short time unlike other abilities.Read as much as you can, I suggest the 21st Century. If you are a basketball fan, you can find info about NBA.If you are interested in IT,movie,politics,fashion,economy an so on, you can always find them in the 21st Century. If your intrests are not inclued in this newspaper,OK,choose another paper except those with exams in them,you don’t want them,right?You may fint it hard to understand texts in newspapers,just stick to it.In a word, read more,read your intrests.And you may get more marks than others, because not everyone think read newspaper is learning. I have test it, it do works.
     Writing  25 or 30 marks is important, it’s hard to get more marks than others, so make sure you lose little marks is OK.You can practice your right hand 2 or 3 months before the final, reciting some good and simple compositions is OK.
  About tool   You or your teacher may think a thick dictionary is the best tool in English learning,and that is true to a English major not to you. Buy a electronic dictionary. It will help you more.
  About order   Take part in every simulated examination,and find your favourite order.Mine is 写作,单选,阅读,完型。
  Good luck!